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925 Qeb silver

6 prongs HIjmeH inset Separ pagh naghboch 'e' laH SoHvaD sentimental SoH DawIvpu'. nagh, appreciate gesture 'ej tugh 92.5 vatlhvI' yISoQmoHchu' silver Qeb 720212this. yavDaq co contour



92.5 vatlhvI' ghotvam'e' nagh HIjmeH, inset Separ pagh naghboch law' DavI'chugh laH SoHvaD sentimental wutlh SoH 'e' 'ej SoHvaD appreciate gesture prongs 6, qatlh vaj yISoQmoHchu' silver Qeb. contour SoHvaD 'ey tlhoghDaj ghom 'e' appeals be', ghantoH Qeb wej neH elegant 'ach functional

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