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freshwater Qeb Pearl

96954freshwater pearl wej tlhoy tIn 'ej wej je mach, HeghDI' lut'e' 'oH Ha', Ha' moj classic.this Qeb openings, wa' 'er'In freshwater pearl, latlh megh'an mach neH luDan rhinestone, batlhchaj



freshwater pearl tIn je 'ej mach je, HeghDI' Ha', 'oH lut'e' moj Ha' classic.

Ha' openings ghotvam'e', wa' 'er'In freshwater pearl, latlh bertlham mach neH luDan rhinestone, nItlh SoH interspersed batlhchaj jatlh, wejpuH chenmoH 'ej 'IH.

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