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pendants ghIgh chenmoH vo' ngengDaq baltic Beeswax 'ej

yiwu dongrong Jewelry co., Ltd | Updated: Apr 25, 2016

pIn evaluation: amber beeswax 'ej organic Separ. beeswax lIng ngengDaq baltic, beeswax colour pa' such as honey, wov SuD opaque, qaStaHvIS Hurgh Doq baltic honey vaj meQlI'bogh. physical 'ej chemical composition beeswax 'ej amber pa' difference simply wo' transparent amber, opaque beeswax pong, pagh. beeswax 'ej tun texture, luster, 'a nuvpu'. ghIgh qem delegates 'ej Dumerbe' pendant pong baltic beeswax polish.

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