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Ho'Du' Say'moHwI' tlhagh, pagh darkness HajchoHtaHvIS silver bracelets

yiwu dongrong Jewelry co., Ltd | Updated: Apr 25, 2016

Say' mIw: QaD Ho' teywI', 'op Ho'Du' Say'moHwI' tlhagh Hoch wo' silver brushed qeb. Ho'Du' Say'moHwI' tlhagh 'oHbe' laH chel neH botlh 'ach bIQ chel. yap. qaSpu'DI', rinse brush toDlu'meH silver je bIQ, QaD SIbI'.

note: Ho'Du' Say'moHwI' tlhagh silver recovery principle mojpu' outside of chIS oxide chaw' grinding. vaj, 'op tuQ silver ghaj method narghtaHvIS 'oH, chup 'oH ngevwI' roD nursing. pIj nIvbogh mIw tuQ vaj 'e' silver gloss laH pol SoH!

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