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opal vIghro' mIn 'angbogh Da =?

yiwu dongrong Jewelry co., Ltd | Updated: Apr 25, 2016

gold tlham Soy' puS wa' Separ vIghro' mIn 'angbogh Da

'e' wep Doq lutuQmoH pong violet Sapphire yI'el law' pIm colors, SuD je SuD Sapphire, sapphires mIw DISov. rap SachchoHghach'a', maH neH in front of vIghro' mIn pong pong Separ, such as vIghro' mIn Sov 'angbogh Da tourmaline tourmaline vIghro' mInDu'wIj je sillimanite je vIghro' mIn 'angbogh Da sillimanite vIghro' mIn. 'ach le' case, chrysoberyl vIghro' mIn 'angbogh Da, Opal pong, laH bogh qaStaHvIS yab.

vIghro' mIn 'angbogh Da mISmoHwI'

vIghro' mIn 'angbogh Da generally muHIvtaHbogh needle rur inclusions qaStaHvIS tlhIl qoD directed Separ Don lIng.

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