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nagh Earrings

    • pel'aQ Earring
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      pel'aQ Earring

      10061seashell silver 'ej pup combination, 'IH pel'aQ earring. chIS chal tu'lu'bej pel'aQ petal, round qut, qaStaHvIS diddle, silver DuDwI', qaStaHvIS Dub. be'Hom mInDu'wIjvaD neH SoH jewelry. WchoghIjtaHghach
    • opal Earring
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      opal Earring

      321486a neH por chut lulajpu'bogh opal earring, ghIDIna jengva', vaj inner opal nagh, chIS 'ej Doqqu' 'ej wov colors zinc alloy je 18 k gold. opal stud earring size: 1.6 * 1.2 cm, col laH customize SoHchoghIjtaHghach
    • zircon Earring
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      zircon Earring

      320645this luxury style zircon earrings, chenmoH vo' tIn size bIQ chagh tu'lu'bej zircons wa', loS 'ay' zircons neH tlhegh, wItI'nISmo' He retlhDaq copper alloy je jengva' gold. dangle zircon earrchoghIjtaHghach
    • crystal Earring
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      crystal Earring

      124718a wejpuH style pendant qut earring, SuD color bIQ chagh tu'lu'bej qut baS por. qut effulge yInISQo' cham pe'meH nIvbogh, color lon 'uch laH yInISQo' platinum jengva' wepchoghIjtaHghach
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